Friday, November 20, 2009

Illustration: Sound Illustration

My pencil comp for a sound, crickets. A night landscape over a lake.

My marker comp. I need to move the cricket over a bit more to be further out on the limb, as well as fix the legs of the cricket.

My final production for the sound of crickets. I like the end product, the placement of the cricket and the colors.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Illustration: Cheesy Airbrush

We had to choose something 'cheesy' and use the airbrush to illustrate it, not as cheesy but cute too. I took advantage of being able to use photoshop after scanning this image in: 1) I couldn't fit the entire image onto my scanner and I put the images together and 2) to clean up the edges a bit. It looks just like the original image, as well as my marker comp. I feel I have progressed with the airbrush a bit and I like working with it, outside of it being so time consuming right now. I may use it on the last projects for class. This illustration took about 3 hours or more.

Friday, November 13, 2009

VisComII: Packaging Project

Concept: At first I was going to go with something along the lines of a Sundrop, citrus soda, but I've come up with Lola's Lemondade-variety pack. Lola is my nickname. I'm going to have different flavors of lemonade; regular, strawberry, raspberry. Right now I want to have the images of the bottles on the outside of the box and on the main side of the box I'll have an open cut so you can see the bottles that line up with the images.

Rev 1.
To the left is the front view of the box. The gray rectangle is a cut out of where you'll be able to view the bottles themselves. Right now the images of the bottles is [obviously] a stock photo, but I plan on using images of my actual bottles. Then you'll be able to see part of the labels on the bottle for the front view of the box; back, I want to have the back image of the bottles and there will be no cut out.

To the right are the labels I have made thus far. There is no color behind the fruit because I only had enough time to edit all the fruit and text fairly quick. I'm thinking making the green from the box would look best and still look as if they go together. Overall time for this rev was about 2 hours.

Rev 2.
Not much changed. I wasn't sure what more to change on my case, besides adding things on the sides and one thing on front. As for the labels, I added the green color from the box for the label color and fixed the COB's on the fruits. This rev took about an hour to an hour and a half. Up to about 5+ hours total this far. I plan on changing a lot for the next rev, then I will have very little to change before the final productions.
Rev 3.
A lot changed, font, sides of box, and labels. It's looking a lot better. Another 2 hours went into this rev.

My final art production for the Joe 6-pack. Everything turned out good, it holds the bottles, of course I'm going to be nervous that any glue won't hold the bottom and the bottles will fall through. But I can't recall any problems I had with printing and having 3 revs made a big difference for this project. Overall time spent on this project...probably close to 10 if not more hours.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Illustration: Missouri Postcard

Color comp for the Missouri postcard project. I just come up with a concept of a grandparents old rocking chair in a house on the farm or country, where they would tell stories from the past and in Missouri. I am going to make the window bigger and add a window sill to be able to read like a window better and not a picture.

Final production for the Missouri postcard project. Making the window bigger made a big difference, it helps out a lot. Didn't take too long to paint, being that it was smaller canvas to paint. I found it easier to paint a smaller area, outside of the small details.

Illustration: Fruit Airbrush

Airbrush was difficult at first but practice takes perfect right? I'm getting the hang of it. Above was our first actual assignment besides little practice airbrushes. For the first image (apple slice) I didn't have mask paper so I didn't have any crisp clean edges, but I am happy with how it turned out. For the peach slice, I had mask paper and it bled through the edges a little bit, as well into part of the peach. I did not use watercolor brush, it was all masked, though I did use colored pencil to define some of the texture at the top of the peach. Each piece took about an hour.

Friday, November 6, 2009

VisComII: Red Barn

Assignment: to create a brochure/pamphlet, web banner, 1/2 page newspaper ad, and a poster.

For the first layouts of Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival, I was trying to go with a theme of homeade things; however, I didn't have a tagline yet and my main image(s) were coming mostly from the farmers market. I plan on switching it up, but I'm keeping my logo I created of Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival. Therefore, it needs a bit of work.

The second layouts I think are a lot better than the first, of course it still needs work, but it's improved. Changed my tagline to "Sing and Dance Your Way to the..." Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival.

Third rev, not much needs to change before the final productions. Again I have changed my tagline to "Sing and Dance Your Way to a Great Festival." I need to add more crafty side, as in show more photos with crafts in them rather than going so much with my theme of sing and dance, but to show the crafts (obviously) as well. This project took about 6+hours.

Above is the final pamphlet...left is outside, right inside.

Above is the final poster.

Above here is the final newspaper ad.

And above here is final web banner.