Monday, December 14, 2009

Illustration: Final Porfolio

The things I chose for my final Illustration portfolio are:
1) Fruit Airbrushes- First time using airbrush, besides the exercises. I think both of these pieces turned out realistically, especially for the first time.
2) Guoache Illustration- First time using guoache, tricky to work with, which is why I only used it in one other assignment.
3) Overheard Conversation- photoshop project. People had trouble knowing what the story was befor marker comps and such, but it is for sure clear now.
4) Cheesy Airbrush- Another airbrush, trickier with so many blocks of color to keep from running into the other area, but turned out good.
5) World Record Poster- Used watercolor into InDesign. I like the concept I came up with sheep jumping through scissors, despite some people thinking their cutting the sheep, I think it's obvious what's going on, especially with the text.
6) Missouri Postcard- Depicts in the sense of storytelling from a grandparent in a rocking chair, watercolor, easier working on smaller area.
7) Sound Illustration- crickets, the end result was much better moving the cricket
8) Book Cover- I am happy with how this turned out. I felt I was taking a step out there by doing a face, being able to not make it look flat but 3D.
I feel I improved through out the course. I have discovered more so that I like using watercolor; however, I was hating it in the beginning of the semester, but working with it more helped. It's funny I liked guoache in the beginning and hated watercolor, but this idea changed quickly after the guoache montage. Airbrush is alright as well, it's an interesting media to work with.

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