Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chili Poster

This is my Chili Cookoff poster done in Illustrator and InDesign. I designed the pepper in Illustrator and placed into and InDesign document to which I created the rest in. We created thumbnail marker comps, then created a full size marker comp, and finally ended up with this. I changed some things from the original, the 'proceeds' text, as well as the leading of the title, and some line weight on the pepper.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Chili Layout Critique

It's very simplistic which caught my eye. I like how you made it a stick figure from the "o" and it's holding the plate of chili. Though everything looks good, I'm a little confused with the line at the bottom. Is it text or just line art? It looks a little out of place. Also watch the centering of page, it's a aligned slightly to the left.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Midterm Portfolio

My "dream car," done in Illustrator. From my original, I forgot to add a shadow below the car and there were some parts I fixed on the hood and windshield. I used very little of the mesh gradient, which surprised me, and mostly used the regular gradient tool.

My other choice of Illustrator project, sunglasses, didn't change much from the original. I found this one to be frustrating because I couldn't get some things to work out for me, but in the end I'm mostly happy with the outcome.

This is my Photoshop choice done in InDesign. I used a clipping path on the violin and brought it into InDesign. From the original work for this piece I minimized the gray square box in the background and lightened the value of it. I like the after/ edited better, the big gray box was too big and dominated the poster before I fixed it.

This is my day map, composed of homework, track and practice, my cat, Maddie, and my 3 fish. I improved this exercise quite a bit, I understood more of what to do after seeing some others. I made one main focal point in the center (homework) and made photos in different size as to what takes more time in my day. I chose purple in the background as an obvious choice, Truman.

My redesigned 2 page spread, my choice of InDesign project. I liked this one best because it helped me to get a better sense of layouts. Also helped me with scanning and resizing the images.