Monday, March 2, 2009

Midterm Portfolio

My "dream car," done in Illustrator. From my original, I forgot to add a shadow below the car and there were some parts I fixed on the hood and windshield. I used very little of the mesh gradient, which surprised me, and mostly used the regular gradient tool.

My other choice of Illustrator project, sunglasses, didn't change much from the original. I found this one to be frustrating because I couldn't get some things to work out for me, but in the end I'm mostly happy with the outcome.

This is my Photoshop choice done in InDesign. I used a clipping path on the violin and brought it into InDesign. From the original work for this piece I minimized the gray square box in the background and lightened the value of it. I like the after/ edited better, the big gray box was too big and dominated the poster before I fixed it.

This is my day map, composed of homework, track and practice, my cat, Maddie, and my 3 fish. I improved this exercise quite a bit, I understood more of what to do after seeing some others. I made one main focal point in the center (homework) and made photos in different size as to what takes more time in my day. I chose purple in the background as an obvious choice, Truman.

My redesigned 2 page spread, my choice of InDesign project. I liked this one best because it helped me to get a better sense of layouts. Also helped me with scanning and resizing the images.

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