Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Final Portfolio- Design Process

I chose these as my best color thumbnails. I think these were the first colored thumbnails we got to do and I had the most time to be able to take my time at doing these. I liked the bugatti poster project, maybe since the main illustration was already previously done. Things to improve on for thumbnails is to take my time, I need to make time available to be able to make all my thumbnails look good. I think the main interference with the other thumbnails as well was that there was so much text to fit into such a small space that I was more worried about where to put all of it rather than what was really going on in the space. As for the thumbnails above, it was just a poster, the main thing I wanted you to see was the car and it special features, which is a lot easier opposing to trying to fit all the text.

I chose this for my marker comp. It's very simplistic, but I think it's one of my best. Though in final art production some things were changed around, mainly instead of one big column into 2 columns. I should have  copyfit on this, but at the time of making this we didn't know how to do it. I still think it turned out fine with writing out the text. Things to improve on this would be just marker comp the car in, not silhouette. But I think it's good this way as well, maybe even looks better with the silhouette, being that the car is mostly black. 

I chose this 2 page spread marker comp for traditional copyfitting. This was my best example of copyfitting, though in the end I had to boost down the original size font I had planned on here (12pt. to 10 pt.) because I enlarged the top centered image, overall it was still very accurate. I think I've gained a better knowledge on copyfitting, and I think if need to be done I would be able to do it again in future courses, I hope not, but like I said, if need be.

 I chose this spread for my use of typography and typesetting. It was done in InDesign, though the images scanned into Photoshop, then brought into InDesign. Being that we had to mock another 2 page spread, I felt that by trying to match as best as could with the typesettings. I think I succeeded at matching the spread to the original (you can see on the first post at the bottom of my blog). In particular matching the font size and typefaces chosen. I liked this project. It helped me look at a good layout, which I know I can always improve on. 
I am choosing this as my piece of creative concept and design. This was also done in InDesign, but the car was Illustrator, and brought into InDesign. I have moved the text into 2 columns from the original. I like things very simplistic and I think this piece shows that. Since it's a poster to sell the car, I wanted the car to be the attention grabber. I highlighted specific text which is high selling features for the car. In specific it made me think that men were the audience so what's highlighted in that perspective is what would also grab the guys attention as well. These definitive features, I feel, contribute to the creative concept, as well as design. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Final Portfolio-Software

This to show my proficiency in Illustrator. I am very happy with how it turned out. Originally I had no shadow below and had forgotten to bring a layer forward on the windshield and I can't remember, but I think I touched up a few spots elsewhere on the car as well. In the end this is the final product. I feel pretty well with working in Illustrator, I am now understanding what all the tools do to be able to be more proficient.
This is to show proficiency in Photoshop, I again went in and messed around with some of the images and text, I faded the text more, the words that 'fade' away in the background, and (slightly) faded out some of the images that weren't as much time of my everyday life, the cat, fish, and mailbox. If we would have worked more in Photoshop in the second half of the semester I would have definitely chose something done then. I have worked more with Photoshop in my VisCom1 class and I am feeling more comfortable in Photoshop now.
I chose this piece to show proficiency in InDesign. I moved some things around after I had turned it in originally and I think it turned out much better, everything isn't so heavy on one side, there is a sense of balance. I chose this piece over the pamphlet because I had more fun in the process of this one. We had to find our own images and change the format before putting into InDesign. I feel more confident with how the final design and layout of this spread turned out rather than choosing the Marceline pamphlet, that I feel was a bit more complicated because of the fact there was more text to fit into a smaller space. If feel InDesign is my weakest program to work in, not 100% sure why, but I'm still working on it, although I feel fairly confident with the last two pieces we did in DSP, which is why I keep comparing this piece to the pamphlet.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I haven't tried copyfitting yet, but the next few projects are going to allow me a chance to try it.  I think it's interesting to see how things were done before computers. It's very time consuming, but a good learning experience. I think it will be easier to do on the 2 page spread, rather than the pamphlet; since, the pamphlet has more individual paragraphs and the spread is more of a whole and not so much separated. I'll see how it goes, my first time to use it is due next Wednesday on the full-sized marker comp of the Marceline pamphlet.

2 Page Magazine Spread- Fishing!

Here is my final art production of the 2 page spread. (I'll try later to get them side by side.) There are some things that I would like to change, I didn't take a final look at it right before I went to print it out, and I really needed to, mainly in this case the 'Clear Water Fishing Techniques' box. I will fix these things before final portfolio. Other than these few things I am mostly happy with how it turned out. Since it's the last week of classes all that is left to do now is prepare/fix productions for final portfolio, which will be later published.

Here is my full-sized marker comp. Things that need to be better or that I need to look out for: having one dominate photograph, in this situation I am trying to go for making the top-center photo larger, in that case I may have to mess with the title a bit and move it around as I enlarge the photo. Copyfitting wasn't too bad this time, since there was less panels to fill as opposed to the pamphlet. Next I will be taking this into InDesign for the final production and editing the photos in Photoshop.

The first process for a 2-page magazine spread, thumbnails. Reversal of the sexes, women are redesigning a spread about fishing, and the men are redesigning a spread about Dancing With the Stars. The thumbnail Kristine liked is the middle-left thumbnail. I will have to watch/ mess with 'Missouri' crossing through the gutter. I want to add a color in the background depending on how it will look once on the screen, Kristine suggested a light gray. Next step will be a full-sized marker comp.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Marceline Pamphlet

The full-sized marker comp for the Marceline pamphlet, there is a bit cut-off, but all that is missing is the other half of the copyfitting on the panels. I had some difficulties with it. I will just call the one a "printing error" and the other was a folding problem, a matter of getting the spacing of the lines correct. I found out I do not like copyfitting at all, it takes a very long time, though I guess it is fairly accurate, I still don't like it. If I would have had more time I would have worked on the images a bit more, though you get the main idea of what they are of. Something I should have took notice of that the one side of the marker paper bled through, so I wish I would have doubled the paper up. I also didn't have an 8 1/2 x 14 sheet of marker paper, so I had to add about 2 inches onto my sheet. I still want to add more color somewhere but I felt by adding it to either my thumbnail or marker comp it would have been too much on them. Now that I go and take a look back at it, it's not as bad as it was before, maybe for the fact that I haven't looked at it in a few days. I can't wait for the final production of this piece, for 1) it will be a lot easier and 2) it'll be more fun to complete out on the computer.

We made thumbnails to start off on making a pamphlet for Marceline, MO. Above are 2 of the 5 thumbnails. I basically messed around with the layouts on each of the thumbnails, front and back, that I did. I will add more color and imagery to make the pamphlet more interesting and appealing. The final production of the pamphlet will be on a legal size sheet of paper, 8 1/2 x 14.

Monday, April 6, 2009

"My Ride" Poster

Here is the final production of the "My Favorite Ride" promotion poster. This was done in Illustrator and InDesign. The car was created earlier in the semester, in Illustration, which was then taken into InDesign and completed there. Not too much has changed from the marker comp; the car is more centered and some text is highlighted and/or bolded.I highlighted the certain things because I feel that is a major selling features fo the car, which is what I'm promoting. Overall, I am happy with how it turned it, it's very simplistic, which is what I like.
Here is the half size marker comp, which will be taken into Illustrator and Indesign for final production.

Here is the first step, thumbnails, for the "My Favorite Ride" promotion poster. The very bottom thumbnail was chosen, and taken to a step further as you see above.