Friday, April 10, 2009

2 Page Magazine Spread- Fishing!

Here is my final art production of the 2 page spread. (I'll try later to get them side by side.) There are some things that I would like to change, I didn't take a final look at it right before I went to print it out, and I really needed to, mainly in this case the 'Clear Water Fishing Techniques' box. I will fix these things before final portfolio. Other than these few things I am mostly happy with how it turned out. Since it's the last week of classes all that is left to do now is prepare/fix productions for final portfolio, which will be later published.

Here is my full-sized marker comp. Things that need to be better or that I need to look out for: having one dominate photograph, in this situation I am trying to go for making the top-center photo larger, in that case I may have to mess with the title a bit and move it around as I enlarge the photo. Copyfitting wasn't too bad this time, since there was less panels to fill as opposed to the pamphlet. Next I will be taking this into InDesign for the final production and editing the photos in Photoshop.

The first process for a 2-page magazine spread, thumbnails. Reversal of the sexes, women are redesigning a spread about fishing, and the men are redesigning a spread about Dancing With the Stars. The thumbnail Kristine liked is the middle-left thumbnail. I will have to watch/ mess with 'Missouri' crossing through the gutter. I want to add a color in the background depending on how it will look once on the screen, Kristine suggested a light gray. Next step will be a full-sized marker comp.

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