Monday, April 27, 2009

Final Portfolio-Software

This to show my proficiency in Illustrator. I am very happy with how it turned out. Originally I had no shadow below and had forgotten to bring a layer forward on the windshield and I can't remember, but I think I touched up a few spots elsewhere on the car as well. In the end this is the final product. I feel pretty well with working in Illustrator, I am now understanding what all the tools do to be able to be more proficient.
This is to show proficiency in Photoshop, I again went in and messed around with some of the images and text, I faded the text more, the words that 'fade' away in the background, and (slightly) faded out some of the images that weren't as much time of my everyday life, the cat, fish, and mailbox. If we would have worked more in Photoshop in the second half of the semester I would have definitely chose something done then. I have worked more with Photoshop in my VisCom1 class and I am feeling more comfortable in Photoshop now.
I chose this piece to show proficiency in InDesign. I moved some things around after I had turned it in originally and I think it turned out much better, everything isn't so heavy on one side, there is a sense of balance. I chose this piece over the pamphlet because I had more fun in the process of this one. We had to find our own images and change the format before putting into InDesign. I feel more confident with how the final design and layout of this spread turned out rather than choosing the Marceline pamphlet, that I feel was a bit more complicated because of the fact there was more text to fit into a smaller space. If feel InDesign is my weakest program to work in, not 100% sure why, but I'm still working on it, although I feel fairly confident with the last two pieces we did in DSP, which is why I keep comparing this piece to the pamphlet.

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