Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Illustration: Fruit Airbrush

Airbrush was difficult at first but practice takes perfect right? I'm getting the hang of it. Above was our first actual assignment besides little practice airbrushes. For the first image (apple slice) I didn't have mask paper so I didn't have any crisp clean edges, but I am happy with how it turned out. For the peach slice, I had mask paper and it bled through the edges a little bit, as well into part of the peach. I did not use watercolor brush, it was all masked, though I did use colored pencil to define some of the texture at the top of the peach. Each piece took about an hour.

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  1. Hi Stephanie ... both of those turned out great for first cracks at using the airbrush. You're absolutely right that practice does make perfect! When you first pick up the airbrush it feels awkward and foreign - but in no time at all you just all of a sudden get a lot better. Keep at it!

    If you need some tips, please check out my instructional airbrush website at