Friday, November 6, 2009

VisComII: Red Barn

Assignment: to create a brochure/pamphlet, web banner, 1/2 page newspaper ad, and a poster.

For the first layouts of Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival, I was trying to go with a theme of homeade things; however, I didn't have a tagline yet and my main image(s) were coming mostly from the farmers market. I plan on switching it up, but I'm keeping my logo I created of Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival. Therefore, it needs a bit of work.

The second layouts I think are a lot better than the first, of course it still needs work, but it's improved. Changed my tagline to "Sing and Dance Your Way to the..." Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival.

Third rev, not much needs to change before the final productions. Again I have changed my tagline to "Sing and Dance Your Way to a Great Festival." I need to add more crafty side, as in show more photos with crafts in them rather than going so much with my theme of sing and dance, but to show the crafts (obviously) as well. This project took about 6+hours.

Above is the final pamphlet...left is outside, right inside.

Above is the final poster.

Above here is the final newspaper ad.

And above here is final web banner.

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