Saturday, October 10, 2009

Illustration: Midterm Portfolio

I chose this assignment for my first portfolio piece. The top image is pen and ink and bottom was watercolor and pen/ink. I feel I was finally getting a better grasp on how to work with each/both of the medias.

I chose this for my second piece. I was happy with how it turned out I was having trouble with getting textures in the bushes without making them look flat, but I think I finally got them. This painting looked very close to the photo I had taken (last summer). Working with watercolor is a lot different than gouache mainly because you can move the gouache around and watercolor you can just take away.

This is my third piece, my second time working with gouache. With the gouache I was able to take away/move the paint around and get the 3D effect and glares on the glass bottle.

My fourth piece for the portfolio. This was my first time working with gouache, I was frustrated with it at first, but then I got the hang of it the further into the painting I got. I was surprised with how it turned out because I was so frustrated with it, but after coming back to the piece after finishing it, it looked better.

For my final piece I chose my gouache montage. I had a bit of difficulty with this painting, being that the images that are in front are lighter colors and the background is the dark contrasting color. With that it was hard to cover up the green background from the images, but I think I pulled it off well. I am happy with how it turned out overall, however if I were to do it again/ if there's a next time, I would rather do a lighter color in the background and use darker images( which apparently now we have to, did you read my blog before illustration today?) I had more difficulty with the gouache for this project but I think the gouche looks more bold and better compared to what watercolor would have looked like, more "pastelly" and transparent. The illustration looks better on-screen and the actual thing than the print out.

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