Wednesday, October 7, 2009

VisComII: Professional Photograph

Layout #1: My ad spread, promoting windmills on I have centered the body of text since posting this already, I didn't realize how off it was until it was printed. Things to change: add a COB of a generated windmill.
Layout #2: Make pull quote more distinguished. Find better logo, it's lo-res.
Final: I changed the wind generator image, added a drop cap, and added color to my pull quote.

Magazine Spread
Layout #1: My 2 page spread, a how to article. Things to change: enlarge the body of text in the sky of the image on the left and maybe add an image of a generated windmill.
Layout #2: Find a better image of a wind generated windmill, add color to my layout, and maybe re-crop the main image to how it was in the first layout.
Final: I added color and CIOB'd the blue sky from the photograph, I think I like the blue sky in it better tho...

Layout #1: My poster promoting NAWG (National Association of Wheat Growers). Thing to change: something to go along with the dinner.

Layout #2: Maybe enlarge the photograph. Things I did between layouts, added an image of a dinner bell and moved the body of text with the dinner bell more to the right.
Final: production, I think the only thing I change from the previous layout was enlarging the photo.


  1. We've talked about these, right? Have you made any of the alterations yet?

  2. You can use the photo in different ways. I see you have cropped it slightly in one. What else can you do with the image? You don't have to use it a just as a square cut photo. Any ideas?

  3. Try a partial COB on one of the layouts where the windmill juts out of the square cut sky. You can use any one of these layouts for your midterm. I noticed you added a modern wind generator to the layout. You need to make sure the image quality is good. It looked a bit pixelated in the printout.