Saturday, October 10, 2009

VisComII: Midterm Portfolio

I chose this poster for my first piece in my portfolio because I feel it's the first layout that I was able to look decent. From the original I straightened the headline out and changed the font, as well as minimized the margins.

I chose this as my second layout, because I think from the original it looks better. I took out the pill border from the top and I agree it works a lot better without. I moved the image of the pills up from the margin and gutter, by scaling it smaller, wrapped the text, but didn't let it go below the image. I also change the font in the headline to times from garamond, it looks cleaner might be the word or sleeker and tightened the spacing.

I chose this for my third piece because I like how simple and basic the layout is. I shot the image myself and yes I agree the lighting could be better, I had other images with better lighting but I liked this angle on the objects better. From the original I added a drop cap, moved the headline up a bit and tightened the spacing, as well as moved the page headers to the top.

I chose this fourth layout, simply because I had needed not to make any adjustments from the original. I feel I am getting better at layouts, I remember in DSP last semester you had said that magazine layouts was not my strongest thing, but I feel that I am improving.

My fifth and final layout for the portfolio. I changed the image of the wind generated windmill, it has a lot better resolution and you are able to tell what it is this time.
I think the order I placed these layouts shows my improvement throughout the semester.

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