Friday, September 4, 2009

Illustration: Watercolor

This was our second assignment for experimenting with watercolors, landscapes. I think I like doing landscapes the best so far. Below was our next assignment was to paint something with architecture which was not as much fun, so I included some landscape in pretty much all of those too. The painting above looks pretty close to its original I didn't go to the ocean over night but I have been painting photos I've taken. I'm glad with how it turned out, the different 'textures' of the grass and shrubbery in the sand and the big palm-like tree to the left. I was actually able to create a slight sense of depth/perspective.

This was probaly my most sufficient architectural painting. It's very simple and didn't take much time to make it look decent. Again I did the landscape and I think, mainly because of the bridge, I was able to create a prospective. The other architectural paintings I don't think were as succesful, it's not that I needed to spend an overly amount of time on each of them, but to allow them to dry and so on, takes time that I didn't have. There aren't enough hours in a day to get everything done for every class.

This was our fourth assignment, watercolor then 'copy' another illustration with pen and ink. I chose these illustrations because I feel I did fairly decent with the pen and ink image. I could probably add more lines to it for more value and better perspective. Overall, this assignment was okay. I've done pen and ink before, but I've forgotten all the techniques, and I remember the one project I did in high school that was pen and ink. On an about 13X19 sheet of drawing paper, we did a western scene, mine was looking pretty good until I tried a different technique for grass, and well I ruined the piece just a little, so that was my fun first experience with pen and ink. I'm looking forward to the next assignment, washes with both watercolor and pen and ink.

Next was to do a pen/ink then watercolor wash and then watercolor wash with pen/ink over it. The results seen above. Coincidentally these two I chose were the last of each set I did. The peach is not the same above, this was the watercolor wash first then took pen/ink over it. Working with pen/ink is harder dealing with value, but I know that it takes practice. As for the marker in the top image, first applied was the pen/ink, then watercolor wash on top. I'm happy with how this turned out. I think it was easier/ better looking working with the ink first then wash, the pen/ink isn't so dominating of the image and allows for a good balance.

I think this is our last for little 10-20 small image paintings. This last assignment was to do the same object with 10 different styles/techniques. My object was a Sharpie pen. The top image is done with just pen and ink and the bottom was pen and ink with a gouche wash over.

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