Wednesday, September 2, 2009

VisComII: Redesigning Flyers

Our first, second, and third assignments, were to redesign flyers Rusty found around campus, with the use of only black being our only color and no bleed.

The two above were the third redesigns, the specs were on a 11X17 this time. I think I had the most fun with these, maybe because I got to mess around in photoshop more and even sketched my own graphic for the 'Latin Dance Fiesta'. 'Climb to New Heights' I've change from the critique in class, as you can now see the contrast better on-screen than what my printer allowed, and I alligned the title to a straight line, rather than diagonal to before.

As for the 'German Evening' it was a bit more difficult I think, just because there wasn't as much to work with or hard to come up with a full concept.

I already know things I want to change and if need be for a portfolio piece, I'll change the image to an illustration ('Ancient Greek').

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  1. Climb to new heights poster - Increase the margin by another 1/2 inch on the four sides. Change the typeface in the headline. You have a good graphic, but you need to push what you are doing in the negative space further.