Friday, September 25, 2009

VisComII: How Safe Mag. Spread

First layout, I need to rework the headline and work with the space that will be the at the top of the page, also move the page number and header to the bottom of page, bleed photo, and make the caption for the image more readable. Time: Probably around an hour, just readjusting everything in the space took some time.
Layout #2, align the heading, also align the body of text with image, with that make the font smaller and move picture caption to under body of text if it fits.

Final layout of the How Safe 2-page spread. Total time didn't take as long because there was so little text, maybe about 3 hours, taking photos and getting all the space around the photo with the text. From the second layout I tightened up the text to line up with the photo and moved the photo caption below the body text.

1 comment:

  1. The final layout is functional. Add a large drop cap at the beginning of the text. Also add in the section/story headers at the top of the page. Usage of the photo is good, but the photo is only of acceptable quality, not exceptional quality. You did a good job with the equipment you had to work with but the scale of the image demands the next level of image quality (mainly lighting). Try the H in How going behind the banana stalk.