Tuesday, September 15, 2009

VisComII: Stressed Out Magazine Spread

The background of the spread is a very light blue, I think I should darken the value of that slightly and fix the pull quote to make sure it's more readable, darken the blue of the quote or lighten the box behind it. Figure out what images I want to use and how much space they may take up for sure. The time estimate was right on from about 2-3 hours overall. So far I've used 3 fonts from my Gilligan list- times, garamond, and bellrose.

Second layout, I think is much better. It didn't take as much time to do this layout because the text was already layed out to fit the two pages. I made the headline bigger, changed the colors around, added images, and messed with the layout a bit.
Final production for my 2 page spread. It changed quite a bit each step. I am happy for the most part with this layout. I think it feels like it needs more to it or like something is missing, but not sure what. It didn't take much more time to get to the final layout from the second presentation, except for photoshopping the chain link.


  1. It's a start. Headline needs to be more aggressive. Is pale blue an appropriate color to use given the subject of the article. What is the image you plan to use? The horizontal bars are pointless at this stage. The bottom one is crowding the text.

  2. It's coming along, but still visually... it is vanilla. Give me a visual reason to stop on this spread.