Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VisComII: People on Baitshop Walls

Next 2-page spread. Things to change: 'guys' to people(maybe) in the title to a wider audience and not just men. I need to COB my fishing lure images better...and any other suggestions Rusty?

Second layout: I added the logo, changed the title, and made the image of the fishing lures slightly smaller. Time so far, a little over an hour. I still need to edit the lures image, but I haven't had time to fix that part yet, decrease shadow on headline, move logo, and whatever is the 'nasty' factor will be.

Final layout. I changed the image, fixed the headline drop shadow, moved the logo, and finally COB'd the fishing lures image.


  1. It is looking structurally sound. The COB on the lure does need work. Still needs some visual nuances to ad the kick-butt factor to it. Where's your logo? This is an ad. Clients paying for ads tend to like to see their logos. You have a funky tab on the right column of text.

  2. Read your copy. You have sub-heads and things to do. You still have my little (dingbats) notes in the copy.

  3. Did you loose the logo? It was on a couple of the previous ones. Get it back in.