Friday, September 25, 2009

VisComII: Health Mag. Spread

First layout, I need to figure out my point size, a bigger image, and I put the title of the sidebar in the wrong spot, I didn't 'proofread' in a sense to that. Time: not too long, the majority was the text so a little over an hour.
Layout #2, I need hierarchy and align the heading.

My final production for the 2-page spread. Time wise probably close to 4 hours total throughout all 3 layouts, if not more. Looking at the layout from a distance, I think it may look better if I move the big pile of pills to the center of the layout into the gutter and wrap text around it there, will do for the portfolio.

1 comment:

  1. Keep the pills out of the gutter. If you want to try a location change, move them to just under the headline and push the copy below. I don't think that will work though. You'll probably have to downsize the image to get all the copy into the two pages. The little pill border, for me isn't working. You do need a section/page header in the layout at the top. Maybe that can replace the need for the pills. Push the Feeling full tighter to the page gutter. There is too much space in the headline. Cheat the margin a bit.